Waccamaw Riverkeeper

serving the rivers in the Winyah Bay Watershed

Paula Reidhaar, Waccamaw Riverkeeper

Paula Reidhaar assumed the role of Waccamaw River on January 14, 2014, succeeding Christine Ellis who led the organization since August 2006. Paula recently graduated from the University of North Carolina Wilmington with a Master's Degree in Marine Science. She obtained her Bachelor's Degree in Environmental Science from Indiana University in 2007. Between her Bachelor's and Master's Degree, Paula worked for a by-product management company serving the automotive industry. As part of her graduate studies, she obtained a Certificate in Environmental Education. With joint interests in coastal management and environmental education, the Riverkeeper position is a perfect fit. She is excited to get to work with the public as well as other organizations in monitoring and managing the Waccamaw River.

From Reggie Daves, President of Winyah Rivers Foundation ...

We are sad to see Christine step down as Riverkeeper as she has been an excellent asset to our organization and its success; however, we are pleased that she will remain working with the Board and the new Riverkeeper albeit in a reduced capacity. From all of us at Winyah Rivers Foundation, thank you Christine!

Welcome Paula! We are happy to have you join our organization and further our mission of river protections. From all of us at Winyah Rivers Foundation, we welcome you and look forward to even more successes in the years to come!

Christine Ellis, River Advocate

Christine has proudly served as the Waccamaw Riverkeeper since August 2006 when she replaced Hampton Shuping, Jr. who had served since June 2002. Proud to have led the education and advocacy efforts for this worthwhile cause and proud to be a member of Winyah Rivers Foundation, she has enjoyed working with others who love the Waccamaw River and who have had a hand in protecting and preserving our natural heritage for ourselves and future generations to enjoy. She thanks all of our supporters for helping us to meet our mission of river protections and our goal of fishable, swimmable, drinkable water for our families and for our future. The work continues however and she urges continued support for the organization and for its new Waccamaw Riverkeeper. Much work remains to be done and we must always keep a vigilant eye on our wonderful rivers and their riches in order to protect them. As such, she remains an employee of Winyah Rivers Foundation and will work on specific grant-funded projects within the greater Winyah Bay watershed.

Kelly Davis, Assistant Riverkeeper

Kelly joined Winyah Rivers Foundation as the Assistant RIVERKEEPER® in February 2013. Kelly works part-time for the RIVERKEEPER® Program and part-time for Coastal Carolina University's Waccamaw Watershed Academy. As a U.S. Air Force dependent daughter for 23 years, she had the opportunity to live in many beautiful areas of the country, including Myrtle Beach, SC, from 1982 to 1985. She started her environmental career at the age of 10. While living on Oahu, Hawaii, Kelly and her classmates wrote letters to members of congress to change the proposed location of a hazardous waste site next to their elementary school. They won! Kelly has a Bachelor of Science in Biology from Salisbury University in Maryland. She has previously worked for two RIVERKEEPER® programs, the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service's Chesapeake Bay Field Office, and the Maryland Department of Natural Resources, and served as the Vice President of an all-volunteer watershed organization in Annapolis, Maryland, for more than two years. She has a background in natural resources management, water quality science, fisheries science and stream ecology. Her experience working with governments, businesses, community organizations, and volunteers of all ages will help further efforts in advocating for the ecological, social and economic health and integrity of the Waccamaw River watershed and the greater Winyah Bay watershed.

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