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Winyah Rivers Foundation Annual Photo Contest

2014 Photo Contest

Start snapping...our 2014 photo contest is now open! Please bring an 8X10 print and a digital copy of entries and $10 fee/entry (as check or cash) to the Riverkeeper office at the Burroughs and Chapin Center for Marine and Wetland Studies on Allied Drive. Contact the Riverkeeper at 843-349-4007 with questions.

2013 Photo Contest

Winning photographs, previously on display at the Georgetown County Public Library in downtown Georgetown, are now housed in the entrance hallway at the Horry County Government and Justice Center at 1301 Second Avenue in downtown Conway.

People's Choice Award

While our winning photographs were displayed at the Burroughs-Chapin Art Museum, we provided an opportunity for visitors to choose their favorite non-winning photograph from all of the entries submitted.

This year's People's Choice Award goes to...

Evening Marsh Reflections - by Francis Trudeau

Evening Marsh Reflection - Francis Trudeau



















We had another great year and lots of wonderful photographs submitted as part of our 2013 Photo Contest.

Winning entries were kept secret until the “reveal” at our Awards Ceremony on Friday, May 10th at the Franklin G. Burroughs-Simeon B. Chapin Art Museum in Myrtle Beach. Our sponsor, 803 Labs, Inc. of Myrtle Beach, processed, enlarged and mounted the winning photographs for display that evening and through May 23rd.

We are very grateful to our sponsors of this event:

803 Labs, Inc. for processing the winning photographs and providing all of the winners with gift certificates;

The Horry Independent, Alternatives Magazine and Waccamaw Outdoors for advertising the contest and publishing the winning photographs;

The Franklin G. Burroughs-Simeon B. Chapin Art Museum for hosting our Awards Ceremony and exhibiting the winning photographs;

Howard Gallery of Myrtle Beach for framing all of the winning photographs.

We are also grateful to our judges, Dixie Dugan and Sean Thompson, who have the difficult task of selecting the winners from the many wonderful entries, and our own, Reggie Daves, an excellent photographer in his own right but excluded from competition due to his position as President of the Board of Directors of Winyah Rivers Foundation and organizer for this event.

And to our photographers, each and every one, thank you for helping us to celebrate the beauty of the Winyah Rivers and for supporting Winyah Rivers Foundation and the Waccamaw RIVERKEEPER® Program and our goal of fishable, swimmable and drinkable water for our community and our future.

Best of Show and 1st Place winners in each category received cash prizes and gift certificates from 803 Labs.

2nd and 3rd Place AND Honorable Mention winners received ribbons

All winning photographers received their photograph framed by Howard Gallery and media publicity for their winning entries.


Youth Category

Ryan Trudeau of Murrells Inlet took 1st place honors with his photo “Catch of the Day”. According to the caption from Ryan’s father, Matthew, who is a previous winner, “Young egret captured this fish and my son captured this photo.” Obviously photography runs in the family!  Congratulations Ryan!


Catch of the Day

















Scenic Category

Donald Withers of Pawley’s Island, SC took 1st place in the Scenic category with “New Moon Sunrise”. According to Donald’s caption, this photo was “taken at Pawley’s Pier slightly before sunrise during a new moon and high tide; slower exposure to capture the incoming wave.” Donald is no stranger to the Riverkeeper with previous winning entries.  Congratulations Donald on your 1st place showing with New Moon Sunrise!


New Moon Sunrise



















Anthony Morano of Longs, SC took 2nd place in the Scenic category with “Old Building”, a beautiful black and white photograph of the building at Huntington Beach State Park under the moon light. Anthony is also no stranger to the Riverkeeper with previous winning entries. Congratulations Anthony on your 2nd place showing with “Old Building”!


Old Building



















Ron Koch of Charleston, SC took 3rd place in the Scenic category with “Sunrise at the Pier”, a photo of the Pawley’s Island Pier taken at sunrise. Congratulations Ron on your 3rd place showing with Sunrise at the Pier!


Sunrise at the Pier


















Norm Yeo of Supply, NC earned Honorable Mention for his photograph “Working the River”. Congratulations Norm!

Working the River



















Wildlife Category

Frank Perrotta of Pawley’s Island took 1st place for his photograph “On Final Approach” of a hummingbird photographed at Brookgreen Gardens. Frank is no stranger to the Riverkeeper as his photographs have been recognized in previous contests. This photograph earned him top prize in the Wildlife category.  Congratulations Frank!

On Final Approach


















Harry Edwards of Conway took 2nd place with “Pelican Detail #1”, According to Harry’s caption, “This image was taken on a sunny afternoon along the coast of SC. Shows the beauty of the bird in a moment of its life.”Congratulations Harry on your 2nd place showing with Pelican Detail #

Pelican Detail #1



















Pelican Detail #1



Robert Steffens of Murrells Inlet took 3rd place with “Eastern Bluebird in Flight”, taken at Brookgreen Gardens near the boat dock in January 2012. Congratulations Robert on your 3rd place showing with Eastern Bluebird in Flight!

Eastern Bluebird in Flight




















Brant Barrett of Surfside Beach earned Honorable Mention in the Wildlife category with “The Great Adventure”, a photograph of fawns at dusk. Brant took Best of Show honors at last year’s contest so we are proud to congratulate Brant on his honorable mention in this year’s contest. Congratulations Brant!


The Great Adventure



















Best of Show

The Best of Show winner for her photograph “Eerie Sunrise” is Terrah Hewett of Supply, North Carolina. Terrah’s caption states “I captured this image on the Lockwood Folly River at sunrise as the fog rolled in and a flock of ibis flew over.” Terrah was a winner in our first ever photo contest and we are pleased that her photography has been recognized again!  Congratulations Terrah on your Best of Show entry, Eerie Sunrise!



Eerie Sunrise



















2012 Photo Contest

The Annual Winyah Rivers Photo Contest inspires local photographers to “give it their best shot” and this year was no exception. Designed to promote the beauty of our local rivers and encourage people to get outside to view and photograph these special places, the money it raises furthers the mission of the Waccamaw RIVERKEEPER® Program of Winyah Rivers Foundation to “protect, preserve, monitor and revitalize the health of the lands and waters of the greater Winyah Bay watershed.”

Now in its 5th year, we received the largest number of entries yet…122 photographs in total!  Photographs were received for consideration in each of three categories: Scenic, Wildlife, and Youth.  The largest number of entries highlighted the diversity of our local wildlife, a total of 61 photographs. At 45 entries, the photographs entered in the scenic category displayed the beauty of our area at all times of the year.

Our Youth category grew the most this year with 16 entries from photographers 18 and under. Forestbrook Middle School, under the leadership of Ms. Stephanie Necessary, Writing and Yearbook Advisor, devised their own student photography contest and selected 5 student photographs to be entered into our contest. We are thankful for their support and for engaging their students in photographing the natural wonders of our area. We hope that other schools will join in next year’s photo contest and grow the Youth category even more.

Winning entries were kept secret until the “reveal” at our Awards Ceremony on Friday, May 11th at the Franklin G. Burroughs-Simeon B. Chapin Art Museum in Myrtle Beach. Our sponsor, 803 Labs, Inc. of Myrtle Beach, processed, enlarged and mounted the winning photographs for display that evening and throughout the month of May.

Special thanks to our sponsors for the 2012 Winyah Rivers Foundation Photo Contest:

Our Major Sponsor:




Our Media Sponsors:

Waccamaw Outdoors



In addition, we would like to thank the Franklin G. Burroughs-Simeon B. Chapin Art Museum for hosting our awards ceremony.

Last, but not least, thank you to all of the photographers who submitted entries this year! We appreciate your photography and your support!

And the 2012 Photo Contest winners are...


Misty Morning by Nancy Nelson

Misty Morning


Banded by Brant Barrett





1ST PLACE - Sail the Night Away by Julie Marie Hamer























2ND PLACE - Calm before the Storm by Matthew Trudeau
















3RD PLACE - Liquid Light  by David Thebeai






HONORABLE MENTION - Sunset in Myrtle Beach by Robert Graybeal


1ST PLACE - Peek-a-Boo by Frank Perrotta
























2ND PLACE - Handsome by Donald Withers
























3RD PLACE - Bird in the Trees by David Matt






HONORABLE MENTION - Tarpon Tales by Jay Preslar



1ST PLACE - Converging by Eric Bradley







2ND PLACE - Take Off by Taylor Pirttima


2011 Photo Contest winners are...


Did you get the shot?, photograph by Frank Perrotta


First Place - Sunrise Silhouette, photograph by Frank Perrotta

Second Place - Sunrise at Grainger Steam Plant, photograph by J. William Gobbel

Third Place - Oyster Landing, photograph by Donald Withers

Honorable Mention - The Dixie Queen, photograph by Barry Monaco


First Place - Reflecting, photograph by Frank Perrotta

Second Place - Pelican in Calabash, photograph by Ashley Spatholt

Third Place - Courtship, photograph by Donald Withers

Honorable Mention - Wood Duck Drake, photograph by Jennifer Cormack


Sun on the Bank, photograph by Dayton Busse

In addition to our major sponsors, we would like to thank everyone who participated in our 2011 Photo Contest. Thanks to:

Waccamaw RIVERKEEPER® | Center for Marine and Wetland Studies | Coastal Carolina University
P.O. Box 261954 | Conway, SC 29528-6054 | (843) 349-4007 | Riverkeeper@winyahrivers.org
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