Paddling the Upper Waccamaw

Paddling the Upper Waccamaw

Guest blog by Carl Hartsfield

On January 14 2017, four paddlers set out to paddle the first two sections of the Waccamaw River using the Benner and McCloud Paddle guide with Paul Ferguson's updated guide in hand as well.

The Waccamaw River was our playground to explore as no one had any knowledge as to whether the river was actually open after Hurricane Matthew had hit the area just three months prior.  We knew that there would be blow-downs, but not how many. 

Up Close and Personal on Nepal's Trishuli River

On Friday, March 17th, it was time to leave the city of Kathmandu and head west towards the resort communities along the Trishuli River.  After a 3 hour drive along the Prithvi Highway, amid commercial trucks and tourist buses traveling and passing along this two lane road following the river below, we arrived at the resort communities along the Trishuli River. The Trishuli is named after Trishula or the trident of Shiva—one

Nepal's Drukpa Kung Fu Nuns Protect Himalayan Rivers

Christine Ellis, our Deputy Director and River Advocate, is off on another adventure...this time to the Himalayas in Nepal. Follow her adventures in this and upcoming blog posts.

I am so honored to join my Waterkeeper colleagues, Sharon Khan, Min Zheng and Brett VandenHeuvel, on a Waterkeeper Alliance sponsored trip to the Himalayas and the beautiful country of Nepal. We arrived in its capital city of Kathmandu on Sunday, March 13th, tired but excited to begin our adventures.

Advocating for a Clean Energy Future in the Lumber River Basin

Winyah Rivers Foundation (Waccamaw RIVERKEEPER®) has been working to prevent and cleanup pollution from fossil-fueled energy sources like coal and natural gas throughout our watershed. As a licensed member of WATERKEEPER® Alliance, we are proponents of its Clean and Safe Energy Campaign, focusing on shifting away from our reliance on dirty fossil fuels like coal, oil and gas, towards more environmentally sustainable resources.