Rocky Point

Rocky Pointy Community Forest Update as of September, 2017


As of the summer of 2017 SC Department of Natural Resources will be designing a refurbishment of the boat landing and then Georgetown County will be contracting for the building of the new ramp.  Once the landing is ready for use we anticipate the property will be ready to be reopened to the public.


Dan Scheffing, a professional forester with Sabine & Waters,  developed a forestry management plan for the property. Progress has been made on the forestry management plan with new fire breaks installed. This allowed a control burn of the some of the forest during the past winter and harvesting of some timber is in the works. All profits must go back in to management and improvement of the property. Part of the forestry plan will be reestablishment  of a native long leaf pine forest.


We are excited about this progress as it will contribute to some of the public use section of the project providing  biking and hiking trails.


Keep watching for updates.