Giving with the Gift of Gab?

The holiday season provides us the opportunity to connect and share with family and friends, about our lives, what's important to us and how we are contributing to a better world for our families and our future. Talk may be "cheap" but words are very powerful. We use words to invoke an emotion and actions. What emotions are invoked when you speak about our beautiful blackwater rivers? Do you feel joy recalling and recounting fun times on the river? Do you feel proud of your role in protecting these beautiful blackwaters? As supporters of our organization, we hope that you'll help to spread the word about our efforts to protect fishable, swimmable, drinkable water for our community. Your words and your experiences protecting our backyard rivers and clean water are powerful. You play a vital role advocating for river and clean water protections. So, tell your stories while you're gathering with family and friends and invite them to join you in protecting clean water for our families and our future.


Yes, we can change the world...together we drive the process of community engagement resulting in real change, with a huge impact. Over 1,000 volunteers collected 22 tons of trash from our local rivers, riverbanks, swamps, ditches and wetlands. Strongly driven by such factors as a sense of civic duty, belonging and wanting to give back, our volunteers are working to achieve a sustainable and healthy community. So, when you are chatting it up with your friends and family this holiday season... consider telling them about the impact our everyday citizens have on the quality of life we enjoy in our community and how they can help.