Clean Water Rule

Clean Water Rule Under Attack

OPPOSE HR 1105 Clean Water Act, WOTUS Rule "The Clean Water Rule is a measured, reasonable, and lawful application of sound and uncontroverted science to protect our nation’s upstream source waters. We rely on these waters to ensure clean drinking water, recreation, and viable commercial fishing and navigation. Abandoning the Clean Water Rule will allow uncontrolled pollution of these critical water resources. It could also harm the competitiveness of our state economies by forcing us to spend more to clean up the pollution of deregulated waters coming from upstream states that refuse to control such pollution." -New York Attorney General Eric T. Schneiderman

From our friends at the Natural Resources Defense Council: A 30-day public comment period will start when the proposal is published in the Federal Register, which could be as early as Friday. A majority of Americans, as well as U.S. businesses and sportsmen, support the rule. Speak up and remind President Trump why we need the Clean Water Rule. TAKE ACTION:

Read the H.R. 1105 Proposed Bill here.