The Board of Directors of Winyah Rivers Foundation, Inc. is pleased to announce Christine Ellis as our Non-Profit Executive Director

Ron Hartman, President

“On behalf of our Board of Directors, I am pleased to announce that Christine Ellis has assumed the role of Executive Director of Winyah Rivers Foundation, Inc.  This is a wonderful time for our organization. WRF has adopted many new initiatives to advance our mission, strengthen our strategies and strive for clean water protections over the last several years. Christine has been an important part of our success and with her leadership, WRF is poised for even greater impact and success protecting clean water and healthy communities."

Christine joined WRF in 2006 and served as Waccamaw Riverkeeper until 2014 when she transitioned to an advocacy role as River Advocate, focusing on the North Carolina portion of our greater Winyah Bay watershed. Her role expanded to include responsibilities as Deputy Director in 2015, working closely with the Waccamaw Riverkeeper, other staff and WRF's Board of Directors.

In her role as Executive Director, Christine will be responsible for the overall operations of the organization, supervise staff and be accountable to WRF's Board of Directors, our members and supporters.

Christine has invested over a decade at WRF and has a deep commitment to protecting our rivers and their riches for the benefit of our families and our future. 

Christine Ellis, Executive Director  

"To some of you I am a familiar face. To others I am not. But to all, I thank you for your support and look forward to working together to advance our mission protecting clean water for our families and our future.

If you are a member, thank you! If you're not, won't you consider becoming a financial supporter? Together, we can protect our rivers and fishable, swimmable, drinkable water.

Come visit with me at our Hobnob at Hobcaw event on Saturday, March 3rd, 4-8 pm.  Oysters, live music, fun! Purchase tickets here. I look forward to seeing you!"


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