Volunteers Needed for 2019

Do you want to do something that is satisfying and of great service to your community? Then become a Winyah Rivers volunteer!

Volunteers are needed to help us protect clean water.  Our children and families need clean drinking water, healthy rivers and advocates fighting for clean water protections!

The only qualification required is your desire to help. You don't need any special skills...no college degree?..no science background? NO PROBLEM! All you need to do is sign up and we will find the right volunteer opportunity for you!   

Give back to your community in 2019 with Winyah Rivers, an almost all volunteer-based organization working to protect fishable, swimmable, drinkable water for our families and our future.

Here are just a few BENEFITS of volunteering with us!

You can volunteer with your family and friends.
You can meet great people from different cultures.
You can get to work on something you are passionate about.
You can develop a professional network.
You can gain great experience and training.

Yes, I want to email April O'Leary for more information! Click here.