$20,000 for Clean Water

Thank you! 

Thanks to your generosity Palmetto Day was a tremendous success for Winyah Rivers and the Waccamaw RIVERKEEPER® program. 100% of our exceptional Board participated in giving, our generous sponsor the Frances P. Bunnelle Foundation and 60 households raised over $20,000 for our rivers! 

Even though most Americans would rate clean drinking water as their number one priority, often times people support organizations that help people! Let’s face it, it’s hard asking people for money and who wouldn’t want to support helping organizations helping people? We do too!  Especially all the non-profits who participated in Palmetto Giving Day!

Which is why we want to take this opportunity to remind you that the donations you made yesterday to Winyah Rivers does just that! You supported clean drinking water for your fellow citizens! You supported healthy families, healthy communities and provided opportunities for recreation, business and a healthy economy by supporting us! To which we say- THANK YOU- for protecting drinking water for thousands of residents and visitors across our beautiful watershed! 

We are so very grateful to you and for all the good you are spreading in our community.

We are putting your gifts to work to keep our backyard rivers clean.  We hope you will explore our website to see how your dollars are supporting our mission and fishable, swimmable and drinkable water.

From your grateful team at Winyah Rivers and all who rely on clean water.